Do you have a loved one struggling with Alzheimer’s Disease? Are you concerned for their safety and no longer able to give them the care they need?

When Alzheimer’s strikes a family member, the entire family feels the stress. You may be left with feelings of anger, frustration, sadness, and overwhelm with the care you need to provide. If you live in the Napa region, you have other options.

Alzheimer’s care facilities in Napa offer your loved one a safe and comfortable environment, where they will have care and support tailored to their needs. Facilities are certified and staff is extensively trained on Alzheimer’s.

Family involvement is strongly encouraged, and you are able to visit your loved one in Napa Alzheimer’s long term care, anytime you wish. You can even take them out on activities, such as visiting the Napa City-County Library or walking along the Napa River.

Although Alzheimer’s care in Napa does not provide medical care, residents can receive the services they need at the Queen of the Valley Medical Center. You can feel assured that your loved one will receive the care and support they need at the long term care facilities and medical centers nearby, so they can live a high quality of life.