Located on the coast of California, Encinitas is a community that is relaxed and peaceful. The area is known for their Poinsettia growing, which is the largest industry in the region. San Diego is only 25 miles away and Los Angeles, 95 miles.

If you have a loved one recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, and live in a nearby city, you may be looking for care in a quiet, more relaxed environment. Encinitas Alzheimer’s care facilities offer specialized care to help you and your family member work through the stages of the disease. Facilities are certified to offer only Alzheimer’s care and understand the best treatments for the residents.

Alzheimer’s long term care in Encinitas offers:

  • 24 hour care, 7 days a week
  • Education and family support
  • Unlimited family visits
  • Beautiful accommodations
  • Highly trained staff on Alzheimers
  • Safe and security for your loved one

Finding the best Alzheimer’s care in Encinitas includes finding a facility that has expertise in the disease. Alzheimer’s is complicated and facilities which understand the stages and how to keep your loved one living the best life possible, increases their quality of life.