When a family member receives the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease, their life and yours can quickly be turned upside down. Suddenly, you are faced with decisions on what kind of treatment will be best for your loved one and whether they need assisted living care – leaving you feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

If you live in the Bakersfield area and are looking for the best Alzheimer’s care, you will want to explore long term Alzheimer’s care facilities in Bakersfield. These facilities are specifically designed to make the life of your loved one high quality and safe. Staff is trained to help residents suffering from Alzheimer’s and facilities are certified to offer specialized services.

Residents in Bakersfield Alzheimer’s care facilities remain on the grounds unless you come to take them out for an activity. Unlike traditional assisted living, these facilities are continuously staffed, for the safety of each resident. When you want to visit your loved one, you can plan a day at the facility or head out into Bakersfield.

Alzheimer’s care facilities residents continue to enjoy outings doing the things they love. If you are planning a day out with your loved one, they may enjoy a visit to Buena Vista Museum of Natural History, entertainment at the historic Fox Theatre, or a college sporting event at California State University.

Although it is difficult to watch a loved one suffer through Alzheimer’s Disease, a facility in Bakersfield, geared to the disease, can offer the best care available with up to date knowledge. Staff understands the disease and how it affects the entire family. They are available for support and education throughout your loved one’s entire stay.