Searching for the perfect care for a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease can often cause confusion and concern. There are questions you need to answer to make sure that the facility offers the best Alzheimer’s care in Tucson possible, so you can breathe easily knowing your loved one is in good hands.

What is the difference between assisted living and Alzheimer’s care in Tucson?

Finding the right care is essential for your loved one’s happiness and safety. Assisted living facilities are a good option when seniors need to move from independent living to a more controlled environment. However, if your loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s it may not be the best care available.

Alzheimer’s long term care facilities in Tucson offer specialized care for your family member’s disease. They are highly trained and experienced with the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and can offer support to the entire family throughout the stay.

How safe are residents in long term Alzheimer’s care in Tucson?

Safety is a priority for residents in long term care. Due to the history of the disease and its symptoms, residents are never without available staff. Each facility offers a safe environment with secure access to the outdoors. Residents are not able to leave on their own without a family member or staff. Regular routines are established to help residents feel comfortable and calm.

What is the involvement of family members in Tucson Alzheimers care?

Facilities encourage families to have regular visits with their loved ones. They are able to leave with you for a visit or to attend an activity. Family is also responsible for taking residents to appointments. If you are looking for activities that your loved one enjoys, you may want to head to the Tucson Folk Festival, explore the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, or catch a game at the University of Arizona.

Do residents participate in activities in Alzheimer’s care facilities in Tucson?

Residents enjoy many activities that are onsite in each facility. They are encouraged to participate and quickly become part of a caring community. Residents participate in daily exercise, including walking through the local parks, such as Tucson Botanical Gardens or the Reid Park Zoo.

Moving a loved one into any type of assisted living is extremely difficult, especially when your loved one suffers from Alzheimer’s. Long term facilities in Tucson offer the best care for your loved one and their disease. They are up to date on the current information and are highly qualified to offer exceptional care and support.