If you have a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and are looking for a long term care facility in Prescott, Arizona, you have several options. Each Alzheimer’s care facility in Prescott is certified and provides care specifically for residents suffering from the disease. Staff is highly trained to offer the best care available and support for you throughout your family member’s stay.

When Alzheimer Disease strikes a family member, you are often left with feelings of overwhelm, confusion and anger. You may be concerned about their safety and worried about finding them the best care available. Prescott Alzheimer care facilities will help you through the process. They understand what the disease does to a family and offers support to you and to the residents.

Facilities in Prescott offering Alzheimer’s care encourage you to be involved in all parts of your loved one’s care. An important part of a high quality of life is family involvement. When you visit, you can take your loved one out for the afternoon. Head to their favorite location or visit places like the Heritage Park Zoo, the Phippen Western Museum, or relax at Willow Lake Park.

Finding the perfect Alzheimer’s long term care facility in Prescott starts with learning about the disease and care your family member needs now and in the future. Facilities in the area will help you find the information you need to determine if they are the right home for your loved one.