When your worst fears are confirmed, that a loved one is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, your world may feel as if it has stopped. Suddenly, you may feel a strong sense of uncertainty and overwhelm. You may be asking yourself questions such as:

  • How can I provide the care my loved one will need?
  • What kind of life will my loved one be living?
  • Where am I going to find the strength and energy I need?
  • How will my loved one be able to remain safe?

If you live in the Glendale area, there is help and support available for you. Alzheimer’s care in Glendale offers care for residents suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. In addition, they provide support for families as their loved ones progress through the disease.

Glendale Alzheimer’s care facilities offer a safe alternative to traditional assisted living. Facilities have staff onsite 24/7 and secured grounds, so residents cannot wonder off on their own.

While your loved one lives in long term Alzheimer’s care in Glendale, you will be encouraged to remain active in their life. Many facilities require that you take your loved one to appointments, so you understand what is happening with their disease. You can also visit as often as you like and schedule activities outside of the facility. Residents enjoy shopping at the Arrowhead Towne Center, attending the Glendale Jazz and Blues Festival, and exploring the sights at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

Hearing that a loved one is suffering is never easy. However, finding the Alzheimer’s care in Glendale that will enable them to live a happy life in a safe facility, will bring comfort to you and security to the ones you love.