Do you have a loved one that is suffering from Alzheimer’s? Are you concerned for their safety and can’t provide the support they need? Typical assisted living facilities may not be enough. Finding an Alzheimer’s care facility is the perfect option for those looking for specialized care and peace of mind.

Birmingham Alzheimer’s care facilities are specially trained on treating Alzheimer’s. Staff is specifically trained on this disease and facilities are certified to offer the appropriate care for your loved one.

Birmingham’s climate is mild which is perfect for outdoor activities and opportunities for fresh air. When you visit your loved one in Alzheimer’s facilities in Birmingham, you will be able to take them out on activities they enjoy. Facilities encourage family support and involvement in their resident’s life, which helps maintain a high quality of life. Families and residents can enjoy:

  • Visiting the Fair Park Arena for local sports and community activities
  • Exploring the Birmingham Museum of Art
  • Attending the Taste of 4th Avenue Jazz Festival
  • Hiking around the Ruffner Mountain Nature Center

When a loved one is hit with the debilitating disease of Alzheimer’s, the entire family is affected. Your family member may not be in need of nursing home care, but their safety may be in jeopardy if they remain in independent living. Birmingham Alzheimer’s care will provide your loved one the support and care they need with friendly and knowledgeable staff. They will be living in a safe environment and be provided the respect they deserve.