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5 Must-Have Items Seniors Should Bring to Their Assisted Living Home

5 Must-Have Items Seniors Should Bring to Their Assisted Living Home 1

The job of convincing your senior parent to move into a senior living facility is only half the battle for family members. The rest of the challenge comes when it’s time to start downsizing and sorting through decades of memories and cherished items from the family home. The most common reason seniors are reluctant to move into a retirement community is that they don’t want to leave their own homes’ comfort. Deciding on the items that will make a move into a new assisted living household for seniors can be daunting. 

It can be challenging to know where to start when packing your senior parent for their journey into assisted living. There will be limited space, so taking the right items is essential. Take a look at this packing list that will help you and your senior parents get organized for their move.


Every assisted living home is different, and you and your parents will need to review what furniture is included with the accommodations with the facilitators. You may need to bring a bed and a dresser, or they could be included. Most rooms are large enough to allow for a small couch or comfortable chair to be moved in. Bedside tables and a small coffee table may also be included.


In most assisted living homes, the facility’s meals are prepared, and few accommodations are outfitted with a full kitchen. This means that you probably won’t need to bring too many kitchen items apart from a small microwave and fridge. A single set of dishes should be sufficient. Each resident should bring their linens and pillows that are comfortable and familiar and reflect their style. Bathing towels and kitchen towels should also be brought by residents and any throw blankets that are needed.

Memorabilia and Hobbies

Maintaining the family connection is crucial to a smoother transition when your senior parent is moved to an assisted living home. Ensure that you include lots of family photos, unique decor items, and memorabilia that will help make your parents feel at home. If your parents enjoy a hobby like puzzle building, reading, or knitting, they have everything they need to enjoy their activities in their new home. 


It’s essential to help your senior parent to transform their new space in an assisted living home into a comfortable space that they can call home. Everyday items, family photographs, and favorite books should all be packed for the move. Wall art and curtains that are complementary to the rest of the decor may also be added. 


You should pack a moderate but full wardrobe for your senior parent when moving to an assisted living home. Clothing for all seasons, including coats, pajamas, and shoes, should be included.

There is no question that moving a senior parent into an assisted living home can be stressful and traumatic for the whole family. What’s most important is to practice patience and understanding. Follow some of these hints to help you find the essential items that should be included in the move to help your parents feel as much at home as possible.